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China International Medical Foundation (CIMF)
Address: 42 Dongsi  Xidajie, Beijing, 100710
Tel: 0086-10-85158531

Office for SFMD
Address: No.7A.Yongchang North Road Economic and Technological Development Area, Beijing, China,10076

US Branch office for SFMD
Address:39600 Eureka Drive Newark, CA 94560 USA
    Tel: 510-783-8588


China International Medical Foundation (CIMF)

Adresse: 42 Dongsi Xidajie, Beijing, 100710

Tel.: 0086-10-85158531

Amt fr SFMD
Adresse: No.7A.Yongchang North Road Wirtschafts-und Technological Development Area, Beijing, China, 10076
Tel :0086-10-87163473

US-Niederlassung fr SFMD
Adresse: 39600 Eureka Antriebs Newark, CA 94560 USA
Tel: 510-783-8588

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Add:No.7A,Yongchang North Road,Economic and Technological Development Area, Beijing,China,100176