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May,13th is World Thalassemia Day, as well as World Red-Cross Day, a volunteer medical consultation and charity promotion is held at Panyu city by Red Cross of Guangdong Province and Guangdong Women and Children’s Hospital. Besides, 138 peer hospitals across the province held similar activities on the same day, with the common theme of “joining hands together in fighting against the Thalassemia”.

The deputy governor, director of Red Cross of Guangdong province, Mr. Lin Shaochun attended the relevant activity, visited the Prenatal diagnosis & Hereditary Treatment Center, and made warm conversations with the parents of Thalassemia patients.

In order to support the Thalassemia study and development in China, on the spot, in accordance with the willing of Biochain(Beijing) Science&Technology, Inc. , donor of Special Fund for Diagnosis & Intervention of Major Diseases under China International Medical Foundation, 5000 reagent kits for the free diagnosis of Thalassemia are donated to the event organizer.

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