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Website of Special Fund for Diagonosis&Intervention of Major Diseases is Officially Launched
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Special Fund for Diagonosis&Intervention of Major Diseases, established in 2013, is initiated by Biochain(Beijing) Science&Technology, Inc. SFMD is committed to reducing the major disease incidence in China, help those in need, improve the quality of our life, and benefit the people.

The official website of this fund can be visited at www.zdjb.org, which has been launched recently. With the help of this platform, we can promote and publicize the knowledge on how to prevent us from the major diseases, raise the awareness of the public, invite more attention from the society, finally to pool more people and resources to join this endeavor which will contribute to contemporary times and bring benefits to the future generations, in a bid to win the war against the major diseases which pose great dangers to the human health at the earlist.

Biochain Group, as the pioneer of China’s future tumor molecular diagnosis and early screening endeavor, in the past 20 years it has been dedicated to the endeavor of early detection & intervention for tumor with Chinese characteristics. By introducing and developing internationally leading technology and products, combined with traditional methods, we are trying to promote and realize the early detection and early treatment, reduce the economic loss for the state, alleviate the financial and mental burden for families and societies at large, and finally make our due contributions to the sustainable and healthy development of Chinese economy and construction of harmonious society.

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