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Feasibility Study for China Cancer Screening Test officially launched
From:重大疾病诊断与干预专项基金 Input_time:2014-9-16 15:10:44

The feasibility study of China cancer screening tests has been jointly launched by NCC (National Cancer Center of China ) and NCI (National Cancer Institute,USA).

Participants of the study attended the launching ceremony and the initial training session at the Cancer Institute & Hospital, the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences. This study became the first collaboration between NCC and NCI as the bilateral cooperation memorandum was signed in 2012.

Great achievements have been made on screening, early diagnosis and treatment of cancer in the past 10 years in China, attracting world-wide attentions. However, the feasibility of applying new screening technologies for high-occurrence cancers in China still needs to be assessed and confirmed. Based upon the clinical research in the past decade in the US, the collaboration between NCC and NCI aims to evaluate the feasibilities of different screening technologies and solutions in the Chinese population.

This collaboration will begin with a 3 year study, focusing on the screening of colorectal cancer and lung cancer. The study will be carried out in three cities where the Program of National Urban Cancer Early Detection has been conducted, including Changsha City (Hunan Province), Lanzhou City (Gansu Province) and Hangzhou City (Zhejiang Province).

The colorectal cancer screening tests to be examined include InSureFIT, an FDA-certified FOB collection and testing system, and the CE-certified Methylated Septin 9 DNA reagent kit. Both tests are recommended by NCC and provided by Biochain (Beijing) Science &Technology, Inc. Methylated Septin 9 DNA is a specific biomarker for early colorectal cancer. It was found that methylated Septin 9 DNA could be released by tumor cells into the circulating blood. Thus, the detection of methylated Septin 9 DNA in the circulating blood can be used as a non-invasive diagnostic tool for early colorectal cancer detection, and can be used to assess the risk of having colorectal cancer.
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